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Sunday, 01 May 2016 21:58

Testimonial: ACT-Math School: Barrington High School, Barrington, IL

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Barrinton Math Tutor“Very satisfied with Alpha Math Learning. Mr. Patel is a phenomenal Math Instructor. He has this natural talent of teaching Math to any student at any skill level. Personally, I was never a good student at Math, but after hiring Mr. Patel that began to change drastically. Before I hired Mr. Patel, I was really struggling on the ACT(I consistently scored below a 20) and Geometry(I was earning a “C”). But within a course of 2 months and a lot of hard work, I raised my grade up from 73% to a 90% in Geometry. He starts out with a diagnostic test to determine where you stand as a student . After the diagnostic test, he came up with a custom tailored program focusing primarily on the areas that I was struggling with, but he also didn’t leave out other key topics regardless of how good I was at them. This method really helped me gain a firm grasp on ACT-Math. I feel a lot more confident and knowledgeable in, not only ACT-Math, but also in my school Math. I took my final ACT and gained 12 point jump. I am very satisfied with Mr. Patel’s performance. He really knows how to teach every student to do Math. I recommend Mr. Patel to any student or adult looking to increase their Math skill level or just looking to earn a better grade.”

– Dr. M. Hussain( Father of Nasir H.)

Subject(s): ACT-Math, Geometry, College Algebra, Trigonometry

School: Barrington High School, Barrington, IL

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