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Alpha Math Learning provides a local option for parents in Chicago anLocal Home Schooling Tutor | Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Mount Prospect & Northbrookd Suburbs that seek an experienced and knowledgable Instructor or Private Teacher.

Some parents decide to home school their kids because they know that teaching one on one or teaching in small groups help kids learn more quickly and effectively if done at home. And parents are not at the mercy of a particular school or mainstream teaching model. However, a student may be ready for a level of math that is outside their parent’s scope. An instructor at Alpha Math Learning can work with parents to teach their kids higher levels in math. We have years of experience working with home schooled children. We also design courses to your specification and adapt the course to the student’s learning needs. We recognize the problem with large classroom sizes and advocate home schooling when possible. It is no help to a struggling student in a large classroom. One on one and small group teaching is the most effective approach to be able to identify individual student needs and be able to effectively address them. 

As a local tutor and private instructor, Alpa Math Learning is familiar with the curriculums adopted by all of the local school districts for all grade levels. We maintain working relationships with many teachers in the local school systems, as communication with private tutors such as our selves and our existing clientele's teachers, is welcome by the School District.  

Parents that home school their children realize the importance of providing a solid foundation for their child's education. This is why Alpha Math Learning offers programs covering Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. We can assist all grade levels. Beyond covering grade level curriculums. We can also help your kids prepare for ACT-Math, SAT-Math and GED-Math. If you are seeking a local home schooling instructor to assist your student in furthering their education and math skills, then we can help.  

Contact us today to meet with an Instructor to formulate a customized home schooling program that is tailored to meet your students needs.

Read Our Blog:

  • Student Testimonial: ACT-Math Tutor in Barrington for High School Student
    Written by

    Barrington Student Doing ACT Math Tutoring

    “Before I started sessions with Mr. Patel, I did not expect much of myself. My ACT-Math score was at 20, and I was struggling to find a way to truly improve. When we started, we began to work rigorously on areas of Math that I struggled with. Rather than conforming to one base curriculum, Mr. Patel personalized my lessons to focus on areas that I specifically struggled with. For example, I constantly struggled with Plane Geometry and Trigonometry. Thanks to his teaching, I correctly answered every Geometry and Trig question on the April ACT. After two months of sessions, I took the December ACT and received a 27, improving 7 points from my original score. We continued rigorous lessons until February when we began to take practice tests. The diversity of tests that Mr. Patel offered were extremely helpful in showing me everything the live ACT would throw at me. In the end, Mr. Patel’s teaching gave me the skills and confidence I needed to take the test. I received a 33 on the Math section, a whole 13 points up from my original score and a 30 on the whole test. Because of Mr. Patel, I went from being below the National Average to being in the 98th Percentile in the entire United States. My time with Mr. Patel proved that hard work really does pay off, and determination goes a very long way. I can’t thank him enough for my success.”

    -Mrs. Annette G. (Mother of Sean H.)
    Subject(s): ACT-Math
    School: Barrington High School, Barrington, IL

    Written on Sunday, 01 May 2016 20:51 in Reviews
    Tags: Testimonials
    Read 4379 times
  • Student Testimonial: ACT-Math Glenbrook North High School
    Written by

    “It gives me great pleasure to mention that Mr. Patel tutored my son, struggling with Math and had relatively low scores and after two months of intesive instruction he improved his ACT-Math score to 31. We were very delighted with the result and recommend Mr. Patel as a teacher. He was always considerate, punctual and had good rapport with my son.”  

    – Dr. Fatima M. ( Mother of Ayub M.)    

    Subject(s): ACT-Math    

    School: Glenbrook North High School, Northbrook, IL

    Written on Sunday, 01 May 2016 21:57 in Reviews
    Tags: Testimonials
    Read 4281 times