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[In-Person Classes Offered in Chicago Suburbs: Cook, DuPage, Lake, Kane County(s)]

At Alpha Math Learning, Licensed Educator Mr. Patel gives precise instruction to the students so they understand the outcomes of the problems provided. He has students demonstrate what have been taught as we go through each problem and concept respectively. He lets the students solve individual problems independently offering guidance as needed. Thus he gets to unlock the potential in each student in order so they can learn the study material effectively.

Coupon for Local Math Tutor SAT ACTMr. Patel is passionate about sharing his background as a leading classroom Math teacher, trainer, mentor for over ten years. He has been teaching Math full time since February 2009 at all the school levels to college level Math involving Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Standardize Math Test programs such as ACT/SAT/PSAT-Math, AP Calculus etc; at two learning centers and later as an Independent Educator full time in Chicago suburbs to a very diverse group of students. Mr. Patel has founded Alpha Math Learning in August 2013.

Mr. Patel has graduated in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics successfully and he is State Licensed Educator.

Also, Mr. Patel has won awards in teaching and Mathematics League Competition.

With his proven techniques, successful results have been produced in standardized tests and other Math subject areas. Please check out the reviews in your desired subject area(s).

Alpha Math Learning registered in the State of Illinois, strives to help students that have difficulties with Math as well as help students that are ready to exceed expectations at their level.


We specialize in:

→Math Enrichment Program (meets IL State & National Standards) for Grades: 1-12 

   Algebra-1; Algebra-2 & AP-Precalculus

  Standardized Tests:

-PSAT Tests Series: PSAT 8/9; PSAT-10 & PSAT/NMSQT Prep

-ACT Test Prep

-SAT Test Prep


 PSAT 8/9 Test: Placement Test for 8th Grader for Placement into High School Math Courses for Grades 9-12.

 →PSAT-10: For 10th Grade State Assessment.

 →PSAT/NMSQT Test: Scholarships & Recognition for College Admission. Higher Score on this test can help Connect with Colleges' Student Search Service with College Board. 


ACT/SAT Test Scores Benefits↓: 

Gives Competitive Edge for College Admissions and helps you stand out of the crowd.

 Moreover, for Direct Admissions in Medicine[BS/MD, BS/PA, BS/DO]; Dental (BS/DDS); Engineering; Computer Science, Business as well as for EA(Early Admissions) & ED (Early Decisions), etc.

Scholarships/Grants; (Also Automatic Scholarships as well) which definitely helps lower student debt from College Costs.

→Help offset against lower High School GPA.  

Exemptions From College/University Placement Test.

 Last But Not the Least:

Can help enhance a Sparse Resume similar to offsetting a lower GPA, higher ACT/SAT Test Score can also help make a thin Resume stand out. Especially fresh College Graduate does Not have much work experience to highlight to potential employers. And such academic achievement can help demonstrate that prospective new College Graduate has a strong work ethic and such dedication to success translates easily from the classroom to the workplace.