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Alpha Math Learning is a local math tutor and instructor offering private math lessons that focus specifically on passing the ACT-Math exam.

The ACT is a national college admissions test that consists of subject area tests in: English. Mathematics. Reading. Science. This is why it is important that your student practices the correct thought processes in math.

Obtaining math tutoring for ACT-Math has the benefit of refreshing all math concepts which will help the student succeed in any college level math class. Even the brightest of math students can raise their score by learning and reviewing helpful test strategies.

We strongly believe that just practicing without effective and consistent professional instruction will Not increase scores. Therefore at AML training starts with the basics and gradually moves towards more advanced and challenging material with individually customized sessions.

Thus, with that strategy I was able to have my very first ACT student Ayub achieved 31(@ scale of 36) on ACT-Math and ever since I have been producing such successful results consistently. You can find his testimony in the Review section.

Finally, higher ACT scores can potentially maximize better chances of admissions in your dream schools and thus giving you the upper hand for college selection. Additionally, ACT success can increase chances for scholarships, meaning a valuable investment of your future.

As a local ACT tutor and private algebra instructor, Alpa Math Learning is familiar with the ACT exam. We maintain working relationships with many teachers in the local school systems, this benefits the student and the School District, as it allows us to focus on the ever changing curriculum which the ACT exam is based upon. 

Alpha Math Learning believes that each child has the potential to succeed when their gaps in understanding the ACT Math exam are identified. We also adapt the best teaching method based on each student’s learning needs.


Benefits of ACT Test:

→Gives Competitive Edge for College Admissions and helps you stand out of the crowd. 

 Moreover, for Direct Admissions in Medicine[BS/MD, BS/PA, BS/DO]; Dental (BS/DDS); Engineering; Computer Science, Business as well as for EA(Early Admissions) & ED (Early Decisions), etc.

→Scholarships/Grants; (Also Automatic Scholarships as well) which definitely helps lower student debt from College Costs.

→Help offset against lower High School GPA.  

→Exemptions From College/University Placement Test.

 Last But Not the Least:

→Can help enhance a Sparse Resume similar to offsetting a lower GPA, higher ACT/SAT Test Score can also help make a thin Resume stand out. Especially fresh College Graduate does Not have much work experience to highlight to potential employers. And such academic achievement can help demonstrate that prospective new College Graduate has a strong work ethic and such dedication to success translates easily from the classroom to the workplace.