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Alpha Math Learning is a local math tutor and instructor offering private math lessons that focus specifically on algebra-I.

Students face new challenges when entering algebra. It is a strange new area of math and it assumes a substantial background in arithmetic which many students have somehow failed to attain. A good foundation of algebra is essential. Students are often intimidated by the way algebra appears from math that they have done in earlier math classes. It is difficult for a student to get back on track in algebra once a student looses track, so it is important for that student to get tutored. Since algebra is the foundation for their future math studies in geometry, trigonometry and pre-calculus, and is used in the sciences, it is important for students to get help as soon as possible.

As a local algebra-I tutor and private algebra instructor, Alpa Math Learning is familiar with the algebra curriculums adopted by all of the local school districts for all grade levels. We maintain working relationships with many teachers in the local school systems, as communication with private tutors such as our selves and our client's teachers, is welcome by the School District.

Alpha Math Learning believes that each child has the potential to succeed when their gaps in understanding are identified. We also adapt the best teaching method based on each student’s learning needs.