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Tutoring can help a student catch up in weeks rather than months or years. Tutoring can also help to build the student’s self esteem and that improves the student’s learning. My tutoring can also provide one on one attention and remediation that is often lacking in school.

• Flexible scheduling.

• Sessions take place in your local area.
Sakina ACT math Tutor• Mr. Patel is highly qualified professional and state certified educator.
• One-on-One or Small Group.
• Tutoring is designed to fit the student’s specific learning styles and needs.
• The student can learn at his or her own pace.

• The student will have the same tutor for each session.
• I can work with the student’s current school curriculum and if needed provide additional resources.
• I can also use alternative methods of teaching
• Affordable Rate: Only $150 deposit required and will be refunded upon good standing status.
• Flexible Packages: Starting as little as 20 or 30 or 40 Hours & SAVE 30% ON ALL SESSIONS.
• No Registration Fee
• Free Assessment/Initial Consultation
• Customized lessons increase chances of getting the best possible score/grade.