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Alpha Math Learning | Local Math Tutor
Local Math Tutor

Local Math Tutor

Summer time is here and students of all ages are getting ready to deflate. I agree that rest and relaxation is an important part of education.

“Mr. Patel was a student in Abstract Algebra course for Secondary Education majors and for regular Math majors. I got to know Urmil through his written work, his participation in class discussion and frequent discussion during office hours. Course topics were from areas of Modern Algebra bearing on topics of Secondary Math, but from a more advanced viewpoint. The students worked hard on problems involving a wide range of ideas. I frequently returned homework problems for additional work. Mr. Patel took an active part in the class and was one of six students to successfully complete all fifty problems. I believe he has talent and dedication meriting scholarship support and I recommend him for a Scholarship Association Award.”

-Mr. John Wood
Professor of Mathematics
University of Illinois (Chicago)

“Urmil Patel is an extremely personable, intelligent and industrious young man with high ambition. His commitment to academics has not kept him from doing all he can to become well-rounded. He displays the many characteristics that are intrinsic to being a successful employee and colleague as well as a leader of his community. He has consistently displayed balance in his life by being involved in extracurricular activities and community service, and he welcomed the opportunity to mentor and tutor students at University of Illinois. He was consistently in the top of his class for the core requirements in his major and recognized by his faculty. He is an outstanding role model for his peers and will continue to make his mark in years to come. In my opinion, he is deserving of an opportunity to continue giving of himself and would be an excellent addition to any team. Urmil’s leadership qualities and commitment to education community service make him a most worthy candidate.”

-Mr. Florencio Diaz
Director of Advising and Outreach
Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
University of Illinois (Chicago)

“Mr. Patel provided instruction to a very diverse group of students. He provided instruction to students between the ages of 10 through 18. Mr. Patel was able to help these students understand math as basic as multiplication to something as complicated as trigonometry. He did an excellent job of making all math easier for students to understand.”
-Executive Director @ Huntington Learning Center, Chicago Area, IL

small award11 145x300“During his tenure, we have observed Mr. Patel to be very diligent in his duties. He is very responsible resource and doesn’t expect instructions to carry out his regular duties. Mr. Patel takes proactive measures in helping/teaching the kids and having the center well organized. Mr. Patel is an extrovert; his outgoing nature and positive attitude helps bring in good business in retaining and increasing the customer base. Many a time, in the absence of other co-workers of the center, Mr. Patel has assumed their roles in addition to his and helps maintain the decorum of the office. Mr. Patel teaches kids of all age groups starting from 3rd grade thru college level Math involving Calculus and Geometry.”

-Director @ Kumon Learning Centers, Chicago Area, IL and father of Sachin V.
Subject(s): H-Pre Calculus, AP Calculus and ACT-Math
School: Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL

“Thanks for working with John and thanks for all your help. John is doing terrific. He gained 7 points on ACT-Math.”    

-Mrs. Christine Olson Eccleston(Mother of John E.)      

Subject(s): ACT-Math      

School: Barrington High School, Barrington, IL

“At first, I was worried about getting a tutor, I thought it would be a waste of time and I would not be interested in wanting to learn; little did I know, I had a wonderful tutor who made me think otherwise. I am thanking Mr. Patel because now that I am happily at DePaul University, the tutoring that I have received has helped me so much in my Business classes, I comprehend with what I am learning better than I used to and it helps me out in an everyday basis. From my sales at work to my learning at school, I am much more confident in my Math capabilities. For all my improvements made I have that to thank  Mr. Patel and as I go about my future through school and my future career I hope I have the patience, charisma and Math aptitude to help other people so they will be able to succeed in Math or any other subject. Thank you Mr. Patel.”  

– S. M. Taha Jafri    

Subject(s): Math Placement Exam @ Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL

“I just want to thank Mr. Patel for everything he did to help me pass the class. He said “Math requires lots of practice and patient.” I had an exam in a week from the day of the meeting. I failed my previous tests but the one I took after, I received 84%. If I ever take a Math course again in the future I sure will be going to him for more tutoring. He really loves helping out troubled students and he knows his material. He is always prepared to teach you. Thank you Mr. Patel.”  

– Palak P.    

Subject(s): College Calculus    

School: Harper College

“Mr. Patel has helped me greatly with Math. I had a grade of 27% in Geometry, and after three weeks of tutoring from him my grade improved to a 65%. Without Mr. Patel’s help I would have Not passed the class.”  

– A. Gilbert      

Subject(s): Geometry    

School: New Trier High School, Winnetka, IL

“I recommend Mr. Patel not only as a tutor but a mentor; he really made High School easier for me especially since it was my freshmen year and starting in a big school. I have come a long from my first session with him; each session may not be the same but after each session I truly feel like I learned something. Overall, Mr. Patel is a phenomenal teacher, tutor and mentor I’d recommend him to anyone because he wants you to succeed and will go a great distance if you are willing to let him. He also inspired me to intern for my Algebra-II teacher Junior Year, because I was so well established in the area I was confident I could teach it.”

– Mr. Shakil A.(Father of Hamza)

Subject(s): Geometry, Algebra-II, Adv. Trigonometry/Pre Calculus

School: Palatine High School, Palatine, IL

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