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Testimonial: Tutor for Math Placement Exam for Elgin Community College

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“At first, I was worried about getting a tutor, I thought it would be a waste of time and I would not be interested in wanting to learn; little did I know, I had a wonderful tutor who made me think otherwise. I am thanking Mr. Patel because now that I am happily at DePaul University, the tutoring that I have received has helped me so much in my Business classes, I comprehend with what I am learning better than I used to and it helps me out in an everyday basis. From my sales at work to my learning at school, I am much more confident in my Math capabilities. For all my improvements made I have that to thank  Mr. Patel and as I go about my future through school and my future career I hope I have the patience, charisma and Math aptitude to help other people so they will be able to succeed in Math or any other subject. Thank you Mr. Patel.”  

– S. M. Taha Jafri    

Subject(s): Math Placement Exam @ Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL

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